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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do you offer for children on Sunday mornings? What about babies and toddlers?

Answer 1:

bridgeCHURCH is pleased to have Beth Price, graduate of Southeastern Bible College majoring in Children’s Ministry and Theology, as our Children’s Pastor for ages K-5th grade.  This group attends worship in the sanctuary in “big worship” and then is dismissed for their own time of ministry, worship, crafts, a bible lesson, and sharing time.

We also offer a fully staffed nursery and toddler area with volunteers from the bridge.  The children enjoy play and nap time and are in the nursery for the duration of the worship experience. 

Answer 2:

All are welcome at the bridge!  We believe it is our intent to love people so God can change them instead of trying to change them so God can love them.

Answer 3:

The bridge is an interdenominational faith based worship experience.

Answer 4:

We have from suits to shorts, but mainly it’s the latter.  Most people where jeans and tops, but there is not dress requirement.

Answer 5:

We believe that God imparts His wisdom to all.  Routinely, our Women’s Director will present the living word during the worship experience.

Answer 6:

Coffee, doughnuts, and “get ta know ya time” before the service in our café area.  Worship begins at 11:05 with contemporary praise and worship and sharing of the word.  After any decision and prayer time we have weekly announcements and celebrate with our presenting of tithes and offering to God.

Answer 7:

Wednesday evenings, 7:00 is a time of Christian Education through a Dynamics of Discipling Class.  We are taught how to go and make disciples as Jesus commands.  In the fall of 2015 we will be Christian Education on classes on Sunday mornings before the worship experience.

Answer 8:

Wednesdays from 5:30-7:00 the bridgeCLOSET is open.  This allows anyone to come and receive  clothing, food, and a hug or smile.  The clothes pantry is free and is supported from donations of the bridge members and community organizations such as the Lexington Rescue Mission and Dress for Success.

Answer 9:

The bible is taught every service at the bridge.  However, we believe the relationship with Jesus is built on personal bible study and prayer.  You will be encouraged to continue reading the scripture presented during the worship experience.

Answer 10:

We let you visit twice, your third time we put you to work!  We say this jokingly, but we find God is sending the laborers.  We will help you seek the talents the Lord has entrusted to you and then help plug you in to use them.

Answer 11:

We believe the bible is the inspired word of God and to be taken literally.  However, we do recognize there are many translations and we compare and contrast to seek God’s intent from His printed word. 

Answer 12:

Tithing is not required.  However, we believe God’s word encourages us to tithe in the old testament and give it all in the new testament.   You will hear many testimonies of how God blessed many of the bridge member’s finances when they begin to tithe regularly and consistently. 

Answer 13:

Baptism is not required to attend, but you will be offered an opportunity to be baptized.  We believe baptism is an outward representation and celebration with family and friends of what God has already done in  your life.  We do believe God’s word when it says, Be baptized. 

Answer 14:

Pastor Lytle and bridgeChurch teach strictly based on God’s Word. -Rufus Thompson

What makes the Bridge special to me is the way they open their arms and accept everyone who walks in. -Josh Spark

[T]he love and compassion that we feel from the congregation and Pastoral staff is unlike anything we’ve experienced before. -Bill and Teri Earlywine